Living in a small home can be tricky, especially when making the space look and feel bigger. However, several full-house renovation ideas can help you achieve this goal. Here are three ideas that can make your small house look big:

Open Up the Floor Plan

Opening up the floor plan is easy to make your small house feel bigger. This can be done by removing walls that separate various home areas, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Creating an open-concept living space maximises natural light and invites a sense of flow throughout the house.

If you’re uncomfortable removing walls, strategically using furniture can create an open feel. For example, choose furniture that is low to the ground and doesn’t block sightlines. Or, use furniture with built-in storage to reduce clutter and create more open space.

Add Mirrors

Reflective surfaces are also a great way to make a tiny area look bigger, reflecting light and creating the illusion of depth, making a room feel more spacious. Consider adding a large mirror to your living room or bedroom wall. Or, use several smaller mirrors to create a gallery wall that adds visual interest and makes the space feel bigger.

Another way to incorporate mirrors is by using mirrored furniture. For example, choose a mirrored coffee or side table to reflect light and create a sense of openness. Just be sure to balance the mirrored pieces with other materials and textures to avoid an overly reflective and cold look.

Install Skylights

Natural light is key to giving a small home that big feeling without a full renovation. So installing skylights is a great way to let in more sunlight, even if you only have a little wall space for windows. They can be installed in most roof types since they’re available in various shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

In addition to bringing in more light, skylights can bring a sense of height to small spaces. Drawing the eye upward creates the illusion of a bigger and more open space. Plus, skylights can provide ventilation and help regulate temperature, making your small house feel more comfortable overall.

Modify Your House with TekTown Projects in Brisbane

Making a small house look and feel bigger can be achieved through several renovation ideas. Open up the floor plan to create an open-concept living space that maximises natural light and creates a sense of flow. Add reflective surfaces to bounce off light and create the illusion of depth, or use mirrored furniture to balance the reflective surfaces with other materials and textures. Finally, install skylights to bring in more natural light and create a sense of height in a small space. By implementing these renovation ideas, you can make your small house feel bigger and more open, ultimately improving your quality of life.

At TekTown Projects, we are a licensed builder and NDIS service provider specialising in providing accessible home modifications, construction, and repair services and a complete range of handyperson services. We are highly experienced and can assist you with minor home repairs to major renovations. We can even build from scratch so you create a safe, comfortable, and stylish house according to your specifications. Schedule your full-house renovation by visiting our website now or calling 0423197413!

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